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OPEL Systems and Consultants Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1998 as a pure software play business with core software development and corporate training as its line of business. The company took a conscious decision to move into product development in the year 2000 and invested significant amount of resources to develop niche products - thus giving birth to PaySoft.

Today PaySoft is a flagship product for the company, having received a wide acceptance across 350+ companies (corporates, MNC's and Pvt. Ltd. Companies) spanning industrial segments.

Another major strategic initiative was venturing into services segment with process outsourcing. Today Outsourcing business and product business are the key business units for the company. Opel systems today provides payroll process outsourcing for various MNC and Corporate houses across Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore and Back-office operations for a leading Auto Finance company for their loan processing and process management activities.

The company now plans to foray into Automatic identification (AIDC) business using RFID technology as a separate business entity and is confident of achieving success in the same.

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