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Automobile Finance Management System :

The scope of the System covers stages as Scheme Framing, IRR Generation, Loan Enquiry, Verification (Document Verifications / Cheque Verifications), Loan Disbursement, Cheque Modifications, Daily Cheque Deposits, Cheque Bounce and Re-deposites along with Penalty Module.

Bank Reconciliation system for Mutual Fund industry :

The scope of the System covers the Bank reconciliation. To get the reconciliation statement after importing the statement given from Bank with the transactions of accounts.

Transporters Database Management System

The activities include screening of the Transporter Operators in IBA list of approved operators. The process involves processing of application form with annexure and maintaining of transport operators information for processing, inspection, reviews and complaints by member banks. The system is a online information processing software which eliminates the need of physically maintaining/references of the 6000+ operators and member banks files and records.


The scope of the System covers stages as DealSlip (Customer Deatils), FIR (Field Investigation Report), Loan Disbursement, Verification (Document Verfications), Daily Dealer MIS Report (how many cases has been logged in by one particular dealer), Case Status (Pre-Sanction & Post-Sanction).

Robinhood Insurance System:

Insurance is a complex product where personalized service-achieved through an intimate knowledge of customers and their histories with an insurance company-is critical to making sales. As insurance options broaden and products grow more complex, customers seek superior, personalized service more than ever.

To maintain competitive edge and viability, Opel Systems has developed a product which delivers superior customer service and caters to these Insurance service providers/Brokers/Agents. This comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) strategy addresses three imperatives: providing a unified enterprise customer view; retaining customers with great services; and controlling costs as the company expands.

Insurance Brokers System is an Internet / Intranet enabled online Customer Relation Management (CRM) application for the Insurance Retail industry. It is a focused and customized solution, which works by blending lead management, contact management, opportunity management, performance tracking, customer management and communication tools like email and SMS for work flow automation.

CRM in insurance starts with a single, complete, real-time enterprise view, so that call center representatives, agents and brokers can understand and serve every facet of individual customers. This level of holistic, personalized service can be the differentiating factors that retain good customers and reduce churn-an important goal, given that customer retention is profitable and new customer acquisition can be expensive.

Feature List

  • Product information page.
  • Lead capturing and conversion to Opportunities and subsequently    as Customer.
  • Alerts like SMS and Email can be sent to concerned owners of the    case.
  • Tasks can be scheduled and accordingly alerts can be sent    automatically.
  • Interface with call centre.
  • Tracking of policies, renewals and claims.
  • One click difference between LI & GI.
  • Scalability to multi location and exponential growth of business.
  • MIS reports on Lead allocation, follow up, premium figure etc
  • One point entry system.
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    Case Study
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