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Process Outsourcing

Process Outsourcing

Payroll Business Process Unit

The outsourcing of payroll as a process and functional unit benefits an organization in more than one ways.

The benefits of process outsourcing are enormous, including Just in Time information at the right time every time. Being our core business, you could leverage upon the same and devote your internal resources and capital funds to profit-driven activities-accelerating re-engineering processes and responding with greater flexibility to today's rapidly changing markets.

This unit caters to MNC's, large organizations and SME's alike with a delivery model suiting individual requirements.

This unit has a unique engagement model wherein we also synchronize the database at the client site for their reference..... More

Back office Process (Automobile Finance and Leasing operations)

Riders Marketing is one of the largest DSA of ICICI Bank in India and have outsourced their process of loan and disbursement including MIS and Dealer/Customer interaction.

This unit is today managed by a team of 20 people and does online updates to ICICI system. The Software, architecture and services for this unit is provided by Opel Systems

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